Why Sharing your Failures with your Team Helps

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram
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As a leader if you’re always talking to your employees about earning a lot of sales and reminding them about how much they are supposed to achieve, it can be overwhelming for employees to constantly be hearing about that. A simple way of having your team reach success is by sharing your personal failures in life.

Sets an Example

Once you are successful your achievements are obvious, but your failures to get there are not as out there. Usually people envy others that are successful. However sharing the struggles of how they reached that success allows individuals to admire and respect them instead.

Interpersonal Emotion Regulation

Interpersonal emotion regulation is when you can control how people feel and react by how things are said to them. For instance when you choose to be courteous or impolite, you are using your interpersonal emotion regulation. To add on, it is easy to feel envious towards managers since they move higher up in the company effortlessly through promotion programs. In order to not seem self-centred about the promotions when sharing it with others, it is wise for the manager to discuss any setbacks or failures that they encountered to get to where they are at this point.

Builds a Rapport

Sharing the struggle stories can help others to relate their stories with you, decreases internal competition with the other workers, and motivates them to want that success. An incredible way to encourage workers during meetings is to have them open up about their mistakes in life and what they have learned from it. Discussing your failures also helps others to avoid the same mistakes when they try to reach their success.

Shows Humility

People would find you more likeable when you disclose your successes and achievements along with your failures and battles. A positive workplace can only happen when people are grounded, supporting, and humble.

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