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Research and Intelligence

[fusion_text]“Pipeline Development” and “Market Assessment”
Pipeline Development: Research team’s experience suggests that a detailed pipeline for public sector opportunities takes 320-350 hours to identify the rebid opportunities per market and service. For private sector, the pipeline would require more time to identify rebid opportunities.

  • Market Assessment: The market assessment can be conducted in three ways – simple (100-150 hours), detailed (250-300 hours) and in-depth (400-500 hours) analysis. An outline of information covered in each category has been compared in the next page.


All the deliverables will be developed in collaboration with your team. An outline of research and consulting support is mentioned below:

A detailed research scope will be developed for each topic in consultation with your team.
For more information, contact –

Topic Information Covered Output Benefit
Pipeline Development (public sector) . Phase I: Stress test current pipeline, prioritise core sectors and develop a list of live opportunities (core sectors) in UK Public sector

. Phase II: Awarded and upcoming contracts in core sectors (UK public sector)

MS Excel . List of immediate opportunities

. Upcoming opportunities

. Strategic bids

. Low chances of missing winnable bids

Market Assessment / Market Entry Strategy . Executive summary

. Market analysis – size, projections and segmentation (soft/ hard/ total)

. Outsourcing – Existing outsourcers, types of services outsourced and contracts awarded

. Trends – Growth drivers, challenges, M&A activities, policy changes, effect of Brexit and other recent activities

. Key players – Overview, services, price, key financials, clients, geographic presence and key executives

. Conclusions

MS PowerPoint . Will market remain relevant?

. How to grow in the market with existing capabilities?

. How to mitigate market risks?

. Who are top outsourcers?

. Who are top competitors?

. Your competitive advantage?

. Acquisition targets?

Detailed Competitor Assessment . Executive summary

. Competitive benchmarking

. Competitor analysis

− Overview

− History

− Geographic presence

− Services/ Sectors

− Strategy

− Financial analysis

− Key contracts

− Key developments

− SWOT analysis

MS PowerPoint . Customise solutions based on competitors’ strengths?

. Competitor’s top clients and contracts near expiry?

. Growth strategy adopted by other construction-cum-FM companies?

Acquisition support . Sector assessment

. Target identification and assessment

. Identification of relevant boutique investment bank

. Target due diligence

. Valuation support

MS PowerPoint/
MS Excel
. Select the right sector for growth

. Support throughout the acquisition journey

Customer (Prospect) Analysis . Overview

. Strategy

. Geographic presence

. Number and size of facilities

. FM services outsourced

. Contract details (incl. issues faced)

. Financials (Revenue & margins)

. Key stakeholders

MS PowerPoint . What are the other FM services outsourced by existing clients?

. Identification of upcoming rebid opportunities

. Who are the existing suppliers?

. Who are the key people to contact for market shaping?

Consulting support . BD assessment (BD metrics & performance management, price to win implementation and BD governance & life cycle process)

. Strategy review

. 2016-20 BD plan development

. Cost review

. Bid management (Proposal writing, proposal automation, knowledge management and training & skills development)

MS PowerPoint/

MS Excel/

MS Word

. Accelerate internal team’s movement on growth path

. Predict the roadblocks and remove them

. Ensure your business extract maximum value from information collected by research team

. Support internal BD team in bid qualification and winning competitive bidding contracts



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