Phrases to avoid during proposal writing

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

From a couple of weeks now, we have explored the importance of proposal writing. We often focus on what should be done, but what should NOT be done is of equal importance.

Let’s explore the don’ts while writing proposals, Don’t use the phrase

  1. ‘We understand’

Instead of telling the client you understand them, it is advisable to demonstrate it through explaining the effective solution provided by the firm. Avoid usage as it will become a crutch.

  1. ‘We believe or feel’

It is important the proposal reflects assertiveness, rather than compassion. Hence avoid using words which give a sense of uncertainty.

  1. ‘We intend/ devote’

It proves to be best if the proposal itself reflects these words, instead of usage in the proposal.

  1. ‘We desire’

This indicates that the focus is shifted from the client’s needs/desires (which is the prime priority) to ours.

  1. ‘We pleased to offer’

Extremely essential to remember that you are providing a service and not a favor to the client.

  1. ‘We will try or attempt’

This clearly encourages the client to doubt/question your confidence and integrity. These words are timid and we don’t want to highlight it.

  1. ‘We can provide’

This must be replaced by ‘we assure to provide’, as it will reflect your confidence and certainty.

  1. ‘Top quality’

Avoid usage as it is grammatically incorrect. Alternatives that can be utilized are: High-quality, Premium, Superior.

Most of the proposal writers make use of these words & phrases out of habit. It also reflects the writer’s inexperience in the field. Hence utility of such words or phrases will weaken a proposal and it is better to avoid them.

Tip: It is important to use phrases and words to highlight the solutions that you provide to the client rather than the achievements of the firm.

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