Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

The NHS has published its People Plan for 2020/21. This focuses on expectations and actions over the remainder of 2020/21, however it acknowledges that work will continue beyond this time frame and further details will follow the outcome of the forthcoming Spending Review.


It says NHS England and NHS Improvement and Health Education England will work with non-NHS employers and their representatives to discuss how they can support delivery of the principles outlined in the Plan in their organisations.

Key points from each chapter of the Plan include:


Responding to new challenges and opportunities

    • Many changes have emerged through the covid-19 response. In order to learn and adopt what has worked well, metrics to accompany the plan will be developed by the end of September 2020

Looking after our people

    • Covid-19 has spurred a greater emphasis within the NHS on safety and health and wellbeing.
    • A new NHS People Promise, which will be incorporated into the Staff Survey
    • To support flexible working, NHS England and NHS Improvement will support organisations to continue implementation and effective use of e-rostering systems

Belonging in the NHS

    • Continued efforts to make the culture of the NHS universally understanding, kind and inclusive
    • Emphasis on the role of leaders to take action, including on recruitment and promotion practices, leadership diversity, accountability, governance and building confidence to speak up

New ways of working and delivering care

    • Build on covid-19 response, to actively design multi-professional teams around the full range of experience and capabilities of clinical and non-clinical members
    • Organisations encouraged to focus on supporting redeployment, upskilling and technology-enhanced learning

Growing for the future

    • Build on growing interest in careers in the NHS stemming from the pandemic
    • Renew efforts to rapidly recruit across all roles and professions, including growing apprenticeships

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