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New steps have been announced to tackle the problem of waste crime are to be granted, and further action opened for consultation in a crack-down on illegal sites, the Environment Minister has announced. New powers are to be introduced for the Environment Agency (EA) to lock the gates or block access to problem waste sites to prevent thousands of tonnes of waste illegally building up. The powers will also enable the EA to force operators to clear all the waste at a problem waste site, not just the illegal waste.

The government has also launched a new consultation to tackle crime and poor performance in the waste sector. Proposals include raising the bar required to hold EA waste permits, and putting a stop to criminals hiding their illegal activities by requiring them to register low-risk waste operations which are currently exempt from the need to hold a permit.

The consultation proposes improving awareness amongst householders, so people can check on the E website to see if the recipient of their waste is licensed to take their waste, or their duty to pass waste to legitimate carriers.


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