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In 2017, the United States built about 28.5GW of electricity generating infrastructure – 25GW of it utility-scale and about 3.5GW of distributed (<1MW) solar power. Wind and solar were 55.4% of the 28.5GW overall total, and about 49.2% of the utility-scale total (>1MW).

When subtracting the 11.8GW of utility-scale fossil retirements tracked by the EIA, the net new volume of US generation was 16.7GW of generating capacity, with 94.7% of that coming from renewables.
Along with this positive news, are projections that in 2017 the USA lowered its total CO2 emissions by approximately 1% versus 2016’s total. This number is lesser than the years from 2005-2016 when we saw emissions fall an average of 1.6%.


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