MindART Discovery Plus

Baachu’s MindART Discovery Plus programme is our proven skill development programme for bid professionals. This programme draws on our extensive experience winning multi-billion bidding projects in the UK.

In the last year, we assisted our clients’ team in mentoring and coaching future bid leaders. Over 100 members from our corporate clients have already gone through the discovery programme.

We are now offering our services to the public. Only 30 bid professionals will be chosen for our 6 week online mentoring programme. These 30 members will experience our MindART Discovery programme. This programme is intensive and demands serious commitment and drive. We are only looking for proactive go-getters.

The MindART mentoring programme is for serious and committed bid professionals who want to perfect their bidding strategy and maximise their wins.

The purpose of the programme is to build a community of leaders who will impact the future delivery models. It is also structured around bringing fulfilment, success and purpose to the frustrated, unappreciated, late working bid community.

You will also get the proven strategy tool being used by leading bid mangers ‘Bid Buddycomplimentary with the programme.

Baachu’s MindART programme is the first of its kind comprehensive leadership programme designed exclusively for bidding professionals.


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