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The FM sector in the UK is a very mature market with copious opportunities in both the public and private domain. However, as with any mature market, it teems with excessive competition with players of all sizes vying for the market share. A study in 2016 revealed some interesting facets of the market including prevalent trends and the percentage split between in-house and outsourced market.

The FM market was expected to grow from £115.8 Bn in 2015 to £128.5 Bn by 2019 at a CAGR of 3% with investments in workforce, capital and technology expected to increase substantially. Experts had also predicted that the market success of FM companies was largely dependent on the expertise of their workforce which required recruiting new talent or upskilling existing employees. Further analysis of the public sector FM market revealed that the market was heavily outsourced – 72% of the total £45.0 Bn. In the final phase of the analysis further segmentation of the outsourced market was derived on the basis of the services outsourced along with the key competitors in the market.

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