Making Right Choices To Create Lasting Habits

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram
Making Right Choices To Create Lasting Habits

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All of us have big goals and dreams that we want to achieve. It can be anything from losing weight to being more sociable. But most of the time we have a starting trouble. We often wait for a new day or try to create a plan and keep procrastinating. We suddenly realize that achieving the goal requires a lot of effort, time and steps.

This starting trouble can easily be conquered.

Importance Of Small Choices

Often time we focus on planning and analyzing our goals instead of doing something that will bring us closer to our goals. There is a need to feel motivated and inspired when embarking on a new journey but this is a misconception.

The decisions that we make daily will ultimately define us as a person. These choices will have a huge impact on our life. When you choose to plan instead of taking action, it is a choice that will take you further away from your goal.

When we decide to become better we tend to set drastic goals. Big drastic goals make us focus only on the big changes. Such goals require multiple changes in our life and we tend to focus only on the final results. When we fail to see the results we envisioned, despite the effort and time we put in, we get demotivated.

This is why small changes and decisions are important. Focusing on small tasks will push you in the right direction. Implementing small changes and following it regularly will ultimately help you to achieve your goal.

Stop Planning And Start Doing

When we make a plan we usually plan weeks ahead or even months. Break up your plan into smaller bits and focus on the present tasks at hand. Focus on doing one particular thing on the list.

Whether is choosing to eat right or hit the gym, focus your attention on completing the present goal. Small achievable tasks make you feel like a winner each time you complete them. The longer you maintain the streak, the greater the joy.

Making The Right Decisions Daily

Remember that any major change takes time and dedication. This approach will help you get started instead of being stuck in the planning phase.

This approach makes every choice you make poignant. Even the most meaningless choice will accumulate over time and have a huge impact.

If you want to get up early, focus on getting up early just once. Want to go to the gym? Focus on doing it once. Go for a jog? Try it once.

Focus on completing a task and keep repeating it. Finally, you will be amazed at how far you have come. We cannot change the past but the present is with us. Making the better decision will eventually make us a better person.

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