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The most successful employees in the AI field relish a challenge. They’re entrepreneurial adventure seekers who thrive on disrupting the status quo. They’re thrilled to take a leap into the future and love making an impact. They welcome learning and innovation in a fast-paced environment and pushing the edge of the possible.

So, a career in AI is not for everyone. Plenty of people are satisfied with a more predictable job and career path. But if you have an appetite for the challenges and rewards of an AI career, I can share a few thoughts on why to jump in and how to get started.

Get in on the ground floor

Despite its rapid growth, AI remains in its infancy. Those who get in on the ground floor are seizing the first-mover advantage in skills, expertise, and leadership. In a few years, that experience will pay off with more job opportunities, greater decision-making responsibilities, and higher wages as companies apply AI in virtually every industry and job function.

Make a genuine impact

Whether the role is as a back-end data scientist or a customer-facing solution consultant, personnel at an AI technology company have the opportunity to shape the future. Working side-by-side with visionary leaders and colleagues opens new avenues for collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving. That translates into real-world impact at customer organisations and the personal gratification of driving change.

Build your credentials

Whether you’re new to AI or already have some background, invest in building out your knowledge and resume. You’ll find a wealth of online courses in many aspects of AI, from entry-level to advanced, as well as meetups both in person and online. Those are a great way to learn, network, and share. A resume that reflects proactive AI pursuits can be a big plus in landing a job.

There may never be a better time to focus your career path toward AI. Gartner, for one, predicts that AI will create 2.3 million jobs by 2020, though automation may eliminate 1.8 million positions elsewhere. Choosing an AI career is a sound way to stay ahead of the curve.



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