How to Regain Your Confidence when it Falters

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram
How to Regain Your Confidence when it Falters

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Confidence is something that is not always guaranteed. Sometimes you may feel that you are strong and capable to tackle your challenges and other times you may feel out of place and unprepared to respond.

The Dip

Feeling unsure and scared is normal for every human being no matter how experienced you may feel. When it goes from high confidence to low confidence, it is called “the dip”. Every type of leader has experienced the dip, and it can result the most capable leaders feel discouraged and enable them to go off track. It is important to realize that your confidence does not get affected by how it wavers, but it ultimately matters how you can bring your low confidence back to your high confidence.

Break the paradox

One way of doing that is by reframing the dip. Some people say that all leaders have experienced the dip at one point in their lifetime, but it is crucial that these dips do not allow leaders to slack off and go off track. For example, imagine you are a well-known leader about to have an important meeting. Your goal is to thoroughly communicate, gain trust by revealing treasured insights, and be able to earn the right to get an invite back. But if you are new at the job, the hole between your lack of experience and your ambitions can make you highly likely to dip. This can result in an authenticity paradox, where you still use your old methods of business while the company is growing instead of developing new methods. This paradox happens when leaders believe that they are being “authentic” and use it as an excuse to stay in their comfort zone. You can avoid this paradox by recognizing that you are a work in progress. This would allow you to directly face the challenges instead of going back to what you are familiar with. This change in perspective can inspire you to grow as a person, and try new tactics through trial and error when there are inescapable situations. As a leader, once you feel that you are dipping, you should start reframing yourself by following your instincts and facing the reality.

Strictly No Compromises

Another method to manage your dip is to limit your inner compromises. For example, you might intend to take some risks by being who you are and boldly asking for something that you want. Instead during the dip, you play the safe card at the expense of sacrificing you own needs. If you catch yourself making an unreasonable compromise, you should stop it and rethink your decisions.

It is good to be prepared when you feel that your confidence is taking the dip by being aware of your choices and following your gut.


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