How to become a mentor?


Being a mentor is a very rewarding and enriching experience.  It is uplifting to see positive transformation in your mentees and amazing to know you have been a significant influence.  If you are keen on mentoring, then it is very useful to follow the three steps listed below and get started.

  1. Be clear about what you offer : Are you looking to pass on technical skills and know-how to new entrants in your arena? Or, are you interested in passing on organisational and behavioural skills that helped you in your journey?
  2. Finding mentees: Is there someone in your network who you can mentor? Are there volunteering opportunities around where you are based? Check local business support centres for UK Business mentoring opportunities. There are several schemes that match mentors and mentees. You may also consider mentoring online over phone or Skype.
  3. Establish clear guidelines: Before starting, discuss with your mentee and set clear guidelines and boundaries. Ensure your mentee is committed before you proceed. It can be very frustrating and spirit crushing to drag along a mentee who is not committed. Be very honest with feedback. You are there to help them grow career-wise, not to stroke their ego!

In addition to the personal satisfaction enjoyed, it is important to understand why mentoring matters in a hypercompetitive world. It offers excellent opportunities for professional development and career progression.

Being a mentor is a clear indicator of your confidence and attitude. Mentoring demonstrates your analytical and problem solving skills too. It also goes to show that you are open to taking up new responsibilities.

Baachu specialises in coaching and mentoring business owners and entrepreneurs globally. Baskar, an award-winning UK entrepreneur and repeat speaker and mentor at APMP UK & USA has nearly two decades of experience mentoring teams and individuals. If you are interested in working on your mentoring skills, please get in touch.

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