How to be a successful bid professional? Begin your journey of discovery.


Most bid managers looking back at their performance, see it as a mixed bag of lucky wins and unlucky losses.

In reality though, successful bid wins are rarely happy accidents – they are often a result of commitment, drive and sound research. Very few realise that beneath the humongous reams of documents, dreary meetings and countless cups of coffee, there is a subtle recipe that can be practiced and perfected.

Baachu’s Discovery Plus programme helps find an individual bid manager’s specific recipe for success. Tips, techniques, methods and process can only take you so far. It is the commitment and drive of the bid manager to manage the 3 Cs – customer, competitor and his/her company that makes or breaks the bid!

The Discovery Plus mentoring programme is for serious and committed bid professionals who want to perfect their bidding strategy and maximise their wins.

The purpose of the programme is to build a community of leaders who will impact the future delivery models. It is also structured around bringing fulfilment, success and purpose to the frustrated, unappreciated, late working bid community.

Baachu’s Discovery Plus programme is the first of its kind comprehensive leadership programme designed exclusively for bidding professionals.

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