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The EU withdrawal bill is fundamentally flawed and needs to be rewritten in several ways, peers have said, as the House of Lords prepares to debate the legislation this week. The Lords constitution committee said that the bill as it currently stands risked “undermining legal certainty” and should be substantially changed, even though it has already been voted through the House of Commons. The bill will be subject to fierce debate when it reaches the Lords on Tuesday and Wednesday, with remain-supporting peers expected to vote for a motion of regret that the public is not getting another say over Brexit.

Ahead of that battle, the committee recommended major changes that could be debated at a later stage of the bill’s passage through the second chamber. The purpose of the legislation is to transpose EU legislation into domestic law in time for Brexit day at the end of March 2019. But the committee said the task was complicated not only by its “scale and complexity”, but problems with the drafting.

“We conclude that the bill risks fundamentally undermining legal certainty in a number of ways,” the cross-party group said.

The peers said the method proposed to create a new category of “retained EU law” would cause “problematic uncertainties and ambiguities”.



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