Essential know about to win a bid

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

Our primary step towards winning a bid is information gathering, and our goal is to position ourselves in the description of the client. To simplify, quite often projects are defined by the scope of their work. We must aim to understand the scope, vital for our proposal – which helps in acquiring the estimated dimension of the project and also what to provide to client.

The scope focuses on the client’s description, and we must determine it at the earliest. To become a part of the race, we need to be accepted by the client. Acceptance here is crucial.

Focusing on understanding how to format and present your proposal helps us stay strong in the race. Needless then, to say, we MUST study our client!

Typically, customer intelligence involves capturing their process of evaluation of your proposal, their preferences and expectations at all levels, including technical, staffing, and management.

We must also consider the client’s goals – long term, short term, and project specific goals. Collecting intelligence about the competition will enable us to assess our place and make viable improvements to our proposal. This will give us an advantage and support our positioning and determine the assurance of achieving the win.

We must present our approaches in as much detail as possible. Alongside, the proposal must include reasonable information about staffing, resource selection and allocation. Other logistic considerations including multiple location management  and remote working  are some of the critical questions that needs to be answered to base your pricing.

Ultimately, analyzing and understanding the client and the competition will ensure that the efforts are in the right direction and helps seal the deal.

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