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Medical research is constantly revealing cannabis’s potential to improve lives, in people from all walks of life. The latest bit of proof, published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, has concluded that elderly patients who treat their symptoms of pain, cancer and other conditions with medical cannabis completely stop or use fewer opioids.

After six months of treatment with medical cannabis, over 14 percent of elderly patients stopped using opioids altogether, while another 3.7 percent were able to reduce their dosage of opiates. Patients also reported reducing the use of other prescription medications; beyond just prescription opioids, over 35 percent of patients were able to decrease their dosage of prescription drugs following treatment with medical cannabis.

These reductions were due to cannabis’s ability to replace conventional analgesic treatments. Nearly 94 percent of survey respondents reported subjective improvements in their condition following cannabis use.

Patients had on average reported experiencing a high pain level of 8 (on a scale of 0 to 10) before treatment, with over two-thirds reporting pain intensity of 8 or higher. After six months of medical cannabis treatment, this median level of pain dropped to 4, with only 7.6 percent still experiencing intense pain.



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