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The National Infrastructure Commission and Highways England have up to £200,000 to invest in projects that look at changes to roads and related infrastructure to maximise the benefits of driverless and connected vehicle technologies.

Change in how we use roads
Self-driving cars could be on UK roads in the next decade.

The way we use roads could change as a result. Vehicles could move in convoys, there may be no need for traffic lights, and lane directions could change depending on the time of day.

Practical ideas on design and management
The competition is seeking practical ideas on designing and managing roads in 3 areas:

road design and related infrastructure including line markings, signs, posts, gantries, crash barriers and lighting columns
traffic management such as traffic signals and any other means of controlling traffic flow
road rules and regulations including such things as speed limits and waiting or loading restrictions
Funding for the competition is under SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative).

Up to £150,000 is available for feasibility studies in a first phase. The best project could attract £50,000 to develop it further in a second phase.




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