Customer Surveys – Is this actually working?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram
customer survey
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Filling out questionnaires can be time consuming and it can take a lot of effort. For numerous companies, they use surveys as a way to “talk to customers”.

Silly Surveys

Normally after purchases are made, a visit from the hospital or a service obtained, either you are asked to fill out a survey or you get a random phone call. In reality this is not the right approach in getting insightful feedback about your company. What you should be doing is talking to customers face to face. Even though this might be costly and takes up a lot of time, this is the only way to get honest answers. This approach can be done through workshops.

Work For it

Conducting public workshops on strategic planning is an excellent method in figuring out what your customers want. It is about quality not quantity. Your goal is to learn how customers make decisions and how they problem solve. You need to understand their needs and wants and you can’t get any of that from a basic questionnaire. Start off your workshop by asking a question such as, “What makes you choose to go to one convenience store instead of the other?”, since every person has been a customer to a convenience store at least one point in their life. The responses that you would receive would be focused on where the store is located, the quality of their customer service, the variety of options that are available, how reasonable their prices are, and what time the store opens and closes. These factors are the strategic influences that different stores have. You can use these strategies to your advantage to develop more customer strategies and ultimately making your business stand out and have a competitive advantage. It is important to note that not one person can come up with all these factors since every person has their own unique experiences. It takes a group of people to come up with the conclusion of these strategies.

Surveys Are a No-No

A lot of companies think that surveys are enough to understand their customers since it shows percentages of what people like and dislike. However, surveys are unoriginal and does not give you a real insight. Interviews are the best way to get thoughtful customer input.

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