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China has a war against its big air pollution problem. Air pollution in China causes about 1 million deaths each year. These are deaths and health impacts comparable to what China faced in WW2.

China is using a massive amount of brute force and a lot of actual military equipment and power to fight back.

* assigning 60,000+ soldiers to plant forests that have the area of Ireland
* Use of airplanes to carpet bomb the desert with tree saplings
* Massive amounts of artillery to fire rain seeding material into clouds. 55 billion tons per year of rain created and this will be expanded to 280 billion tons of rain
* building 150 story air purifying towers that suck air through massive greenhouses at the base
* creating 200 high-rise buildings per city holding vertical forests

Vertical Urban Forests

By 2020 China could have its first forest city in China, with 100-200 vertical forests in tall buildings.

Stefano Boeri described his “vertical forest” concept as the architectural equivalent of a skin graft, a targeted intervention designed to bring new life to a small corner of China’s polluted urban sprawl. His Milan-based practice claimed the buildings would suck 25 tons of carbon dioxide from Nanjing’s air each year and produce about 60 kg of oxygen every day.

The first will be two neighbouring towers coated with 23 species of tree and more than 2,500 cascading shrubs. The structures will reportedly house offices, a 247-room luxury hotel, a museum and even a green architecture school, and are currently under construction, set for completion next year.



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