Avoid Commitment in Proposal Writing

A  good proposal is one which resolves the client’s queries and as we know, it wins because of all the promises made to fulfill. Once accepted by the clients, all efforts will narrow down to serving them with the best. Inability to do so proves we are avoiding promises made to them. Hence avoid commitment [...]

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Seek first to understand

My “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” While approaching potential clients, it would serve you well to follow Stephen Covey's advice, in his ground-breaking book: ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People’. Only if you are genuinely interested in your clients, can you understand them. Only if you understand them, can you deliver [...]

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Winning Business – with proposals

Business development professionals and sales professionals throughout all industries have a clear goal, which is to win business. The undeniable contrast among business development professionals and associations relative to their peers is their capability to effectually succeed their pipeline opportunities. Besides, high performers have the knowledge on when to decline a highly unlikely successful opportunity [...]

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The Path to Success

Big companies tend to rely on big data and algorithms to make valuable business choices. The quality of the data is key in making sure the algorithms are correctly analyzed. Since companies gather and save never-ending amounts of data, the algorithm that is used to make the data as clear as possible becomes highly beneficial. [...]

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Essential know about to win a bid

Our primary step towards winning a bid is information gathering, and our goal is to position ourselves in the description of the client. To simplify, quite often projects are defined by the scope of their work. We must aim to understand the scope, vital for our proposal – which helps in acquiring the estimated dimension [...]

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Capturing the Win

Capture management comprises a thorough understanding of the customer, the problem statement, the solution, the competition, and then using these into making a winning plan. While gathering intelligence about the customer and competition, the importance of being thorough cannot be stressed enough. Pursuing an opportunity mandates collecting as much information accurately. A complacent approach has [...]

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What is Brand Equity?

Brand Equity is a set of assets and liabilities linked to a brand’s name and symbol that adds to the value provided by the product or service to the firm and its consumers. Brand equity comprises four major dimensions 1.     Brand Awareness ·        An anchor to which other associations can be attached ·        A sense [...]

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The Hidden Key to a Successful Proposal

  Often times when companies set out to write a proposal all of their focus is on editing. Have we made our point clear? Have we mentioned all the right statistics? Are there any mistakes? Although these are all important steps, more often than not, they take precedence over an even more important step. Before [...]

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Characteristics of Winning Proposals

A thorough plan is pivotal to any successful proposal. This plan should consider the resources one is able to allocate to the project. The main resources are the employee’s availability, time, and money. With these carefully considered and allocated, the next step is to cater to your targeted market. To do this effectively, one must [...]

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The 5Ps of strategy!

In our strategy series, we bring to you little nuggets of wisdom from the sages of strategy and business – the kind of advice and insights you have heard over and over again, but reveal something new every time you hear them. Henry Mitzberg’s 5 P’s of Strategy: Plan Planning is an essential part of [...]

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