Report Brief

FM Opportunities in the UK Higher Education Sector

Appointment Generation Support

The Facilities Management (FM) market in the UK is at a very advanced stage with extensive prevalence of outsourcing and teaming with suppliers of all size and scale. A leading provider of FM services wanted to identify and confirm upcoming FM opportunities within the private sector in the UK.

FM Opportunities in the UK Higher Education Sector

DWP Spend Analysis

In 2015, a detailed analysis of DWP’s expenditure patterns revealed that the department had been engaging the private sector for several years in multiple functional and support areas including contact centre services, application development, application maintenance, IT helpdesk and other related IT support services. 

FM Pipeline Booster

Private Client Analysis

In 2016, a global FM services provider wanted to undertake a similar exercise to assess the latent opportunities with existing clients in the private sector. Taking the list of its existing clients in energy sector as the starting point, a detailed analysis was conducted to cull out the potential opportunities.