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Cannabinoids are easier on the brain than alcohol, study finds

Marijuana may not be as damaging to the brain as previously thought, according to new research from the University of Colorado Boulder and the CU Change Lab. The research, which was published in the journal Addiction, examined the brains of more than 1,000 participants of varying ages, and found that long-term alcohol use is much [...]

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We’ve not got enough beds or staff – NHS bosses

The NHS in England does not have enough beds or staff, health bosses say, ahead of the new financial year next week. NHS Providers, which represents chief executives, warned the service was facing an impossible task in 2018-19. The group said it meant hospital waiting lists would grow and long A&E waits continue. But the [...]

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Discovery of MRSA-busting antibiotic gives hope against resistant superbugs

The discovery of a new class of antibiotics that can wipe out persistent infections of the hospital superbug MRSA has raised fresh hopes for progress in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. Health officials around the world have seen a steady rise in bacterial infections that no longer respond to routine antibiotics. With resistance emerging faster [...]

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Jeremy Hunt calls for 1p tax hike which could raise £5billion for cash-strapped NHS

Jeremy Hunt called for a new NHS tax – as nearly 100 MPs urged the PM to launch an inquiry into the future funding of the health service. The Health Secretary threatened a damaging rift with the Treasury by saying he believed the public would back a new tax where cash is funnelled directly to [...]

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Recording data from one million neurons in real time

Neuroscientists at the Neuronano Research Centre at Lund University in Sweden have developed and tested an ambitious new design for processing and storing the massive amounts of data expected from future implantable brain machine interfaces (BMIs) and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). The system would simultaneously acquire data from more than 1 million neurons in real time. [...]

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MS drug hope for secondary-progressive stage

A study of a new drug to treat advanced cases of multiple sclerosis suggests it may be possible to delay progression of the disease in the short term, although the effects were small. In a trial of 1,327 people, in The Lancet, 26% saw their disability worsen after three months taking siponimod compared with 32% [...]

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The Cancer Immunotherapy Revolution

Cancer immunotherapy—the science of mobilising the immune system to kill cancer—has been pursued for more than a century. Yet only recently has this powerful strategy finally taken centre stage in mainstream oncology. The past few years have seen unprecedented clinical responses, rapid drug development, and first-in-kind approvals from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Reports [...]

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Stem Cell Treatment Restores Sight to Patients in New Clinical Trial

A recently announced clinical trial using stem cell-derived ocular cells has shown preliminary results that are very promising. The first patients to receive the new treatment for people with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) have regained reading vision. The study is a major milestone for the London Project to Cure Blindness, a partnership between Professor [...]

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A simple artificial heart could permanently replace a failing human one

Nearly 4,000 people in the US are waiting for heart transplants. And on average, it takes about six months to get one, during which time some patients will die. So researchers have been trying for decades to make an artificial heart that can be permanently implanted. But building one that imitates a real heart over [...]

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NHS accused of fuelling rise in opioid addiction

Doctors warn the NHS is fuelling an addiction crisis because of an increase in the prescribing of powerful painkillers. Nearly 24 million opioids, such as morphine, were prescribed in 2017 - equivalent to 2,700 packs an hour. A drugs counsellor and former user told the BBC the NHS was "creating drug addicts". The Royal College [...]

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