The Secret to Exponential Business Growth

Are you a bidding professional looking for up-to-date bidding tactics and strategies? Try Padi+ free for a month and get access to Baachu APMP certification courses, technical resources and tools, monthly webinars plus get exclusive access to our private community, Baachu Engage in Facebook. Join Scribble and become the smartest bidder in your sector. Click to claim [...]

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5 Traits Of Successful People

Get access to ready-to-use Execution Plans, downloadable Tools & Templates, Bitesize courses, Monthly Webinars with Baachu Padi+ Try Padi+ free for a month and get access to Baachu Scribble resources and tools, monthly webinars and so much more.. Click to claim your free trial Achieving success is not a matter of luck. Success is a [...]

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Who Is A Leader?

Understanding what differentiates a great leader from a good leader will help companies make the right choices for the top jobs. In defining “best-performing leaders”, priority is given to the clarity those leaders generate. The pace of the transformation they instigate successfully is another major factor. In other words, the “how” of their leadership, while [...]

Strategy 101

Ep 1: What’s strategy and what’s not! Every so often, we have strategy meetings. For it not to be a mere  ritual, we need to be clear we are in fact focusing on strategy and not merely trying to set goals, for there is a massive difference between the two. What’s not strategy: Your goals [...]

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Profit Warnings

The outsourcing market has seen more turbulence in the past 18 months than what it has seen in the past 18 years. Winning deliverable tenders is getting harder. We can blame everything on slow market conditions and Brexit uncertainty. IT and support services businesses invest heavily on business development capability. In some cases, bid teams [...]

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