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Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

Social Value

The Cabinet Office has this afternoon announced the outcomes it wishes to see from the new Social Value in Procurement model.

The new measures will be used by government departments to assess a supplier’s social impact.  A bidder’s social value score will be incorporated into assessment of contracts.

The Social Value model on which departments will assess contracts includes:

  • Supporting COVID-19 recovery, including helping local communities manage and recover from the impact of COVID
  • Tackling economic inequality, including creating new businesses, jobs and skills, as well as increasing supply chain resilience
  • Fighting climate change and reducing waste
  • Driving equal opportunity, including reducing the disability employment gap and tackling workforce inequality Improving health and wellbeing and community integration

Central government will now be required to go further than the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 to ensure that all major procurements explicitly evaluate social value, where appropriate, rather than just consider it.

Further guidance is expected later.

BSA Chief Executive Mark Fox is quoted in the press release:

We will be discussing social value and related issues in Monday’s virtual roundtable with Claire Dove, VCSE Crown Representative.  For more information please contact

KPI Data Published

The Government has also published the first tranche of KPI data. This will build over time as more department data becomes available.

In the first instance publication is on the Cabinet Office website:

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