Business Development Training

At Baachu, we provide strategy, business development and bid winning training sessions. If you are looking to introduce expertise or upskill your team, Baachu’s partnership models are designed to build your internal growth capability through training, mentoring and coaching.


This is how it works

Our team of experts will get in touch with you to get to know your business and data acquired will be analysed to uncover key challenges.

This will be followed by a detailed assessment session to help us nail pain points and to identify suitable options of approaching or maximising growth and development in your specific business.

The assessment session will be followed by bespoke training, mentoring or a development session that will outline the precise areas in your business you need to focus on in order to get to your target results.

We provide both online and face to face assessments & training sessions covering topics and areas of your choice, or relevant to your strategy and needs.

If online training mode is selected, we provide an option to record the sessions for your future reference. Our training modules are designed based on our 10+ years’ experience of solving business development problems.

Some of the topics, platforms and subjects that can be covered are:

  • Entering new market – how to analyse your market based on your capability?
  • How to outsource your bid function? Factors and metrics to consider!
  • How to structure growth plans in your markets?
  • How to build pipeline in your chosen sectors in 28 days?
  • New to bidding – How to set your governance, resource, process and budget framework?
  • How to determine the right touch points for your corporate functions and bid teams?
  • How to assess your current business development capabilities and address gaps?
  • How to incrementally improve your win rate and the performance of your bid function
  • How to evaluate and deliver efficiency savings for your bids – 7 step approach?
  • How to test mobilisation deliverables during bidding?
  • How to visualise your solution as target operating model?
  • How to build ‘bid cost’ books in your sector then identify the top 10 costs that adds up to 80% of your cost base?
  • How to review your contract in 10 days?
  • How to design improvement projects and implement it within 45 days?
  • How to structure your bid engine – learn the pros and cons of centralised, decentralised and hybrid models?
  • How to set up innovation trials in services industry?

And much more

*workbook included for some topics

Class room training cost are normally £5000 + VAT per workshop (up to 5 participants) or £1500 + VAT per participant

Please note that we deliver online training to support teams all over the world!

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