Business Development Assessments and Restructuring

Are you looking to develop a new bid process or stress test your existing business development structure and process?

Why do you need to assess your capability?

As a business grows, the bidding capabilities need to grow with it. Businesses restructure to decentralise or centralise bid teams continuously to keep the momentum and be relevant in the market place. Assessing your capability in changing environment is vital to sustain market position.

UK outsourcing market is “weak” with few contracts awarded, pressure on revenues and huge impact on profits. There are significant economic pressures already in the market with cuts to budgets, lower growth rates and higher minimum wages.

Brexit has created uncertainty in completely new level. It is imperative to operate and initiate cost efficiency programmes and test the effectiveness of the sales team, growth plans, pipeline and bidding process.

Past 12 months, Baachu team have completed BD assessments of 10+ businesses with turnover from £1m to £5bn.

Baachu business development assessments use BD-CMMTM principles to identify possible improvements in the existing end to end bidding capability. BD- CMM is the industry standard for business development.


We compare current practices to specific practices within each BD-CMM process category which allows us to identify gaps that can be filled to improve performance. The process involves three broad areas for consideration:

  • How robust is the organisations business development (BD) lifecycle process?
  • To what extent and at what level does the organisation implement industry best practices in its BD operation?
  • Has the organisation institutionalised its BD process and practices to make them sustainable?

Assessments take 3 days to 10 days depending on the nature of the business. We can do online and telephone based assessments for business outside UK.

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