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Baachu Talk Ethos

Great achievements are usually born of great sacrifices and are never the result of selfishness. There is no grey area: You’re either with that ethos, willing to go out of your way to help people or you aren’t.

The Why?

Government, public and private sector teams put so much on the line – to create something of value for themselves, their community and the country. Behind every service there is a leader with a passion. Baachu Talk shares these human stories.

Hosted by Baskar Sundaram

Baachu Talk – What you’ll learn?

Baachu Talk is a weekly podcast produced by Baachu and hosted by Baskar Sundaram. Baskar will take you on a journey with government leaders, outsourced business services leaders, gov-tech entrepreneurs, voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) leaders, and policy think-tank leaders. They’ll dive deep into the topics that public service delivery professionals like you can use to help understand stakeholders and their why.

Regardless who you are, which institution you belong to, and what values you have, there is one common theme — you are passionate about delivering public and business services.  Lets talk! 

The coronavirus pandemic is testing the leaders of companies and organisations in every sector around the world. Many of our leaders have established or reinforced behaviors and values that are supporting their organisations and communities during this crisis, however long it continues, and preparing them well for the next large-scale challenge.

I dedicate Baachu Talk to these leaders who are collectively making a difference to our society. Listen in and get to know them personally.


Episode 1:

Colin Dobell, Founder and CEO, Mitie Care and Custody

Episode 2:

Paul Bean, CEO, City Facilities Management Holdings Ltd, UK & Europe

Episode 3:

Angad Rajain, Global Head, IFM, Tenon FM

Episode 4 :

George Lilley, Managing Director, Eric Wright FM

Episode 5 :

Martin Traynor OBE, Small Business Crown Representative, Cabinet Office


Episode 6

Jonathan Werran , CEO Localis


Episode 7 :

Chris Wright, CEO, Catch22


Episode 8 :

Prof. Gary Sturgess, Adjunct Professor, Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

Episode 9 :

​Karamjit Singh CBE, Chair of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust​

Episode 10 :

Samantha Ulyatt, Commercial Strategy Director, Buildings Category, Crown Commercial Services

Episode 11 :

Claire Dove CBE, Crown Representative Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE)​​

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