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Showcasing the human leadership stories behind UK public and business services

Part of 18-24 May 2020, mental health week kindness theme, I shared my kindness stories

I then reached out to few industry leaders to share their kindness story, Baachu Talk Podcast was born 1st June. I noticed everyone has different views and priorities, differences aside they all want the best for the country.

This podcast is my little part to showcase human leadership behind our public services (private, public, tech, third sector) and enable us to come together and kickstart a concerted effort to maintain and build on this – ‘Together’.

I personally invite you to listen to Baachu Talk.



Baskar Sundaram

Today's guest is Jonathan Werran

Jonathan has extensive experience in communications and journalism. After five years as a reporter, commentator and features editor for The Municipal Journal, in 2015 he became the first strategic communications officer for the District Councils’ Network. Prior to The MJ, he edited an online government property and public estate magazine and helped run communications and marketing for anti-poverty charity Elizabeth Finn Care.  He began his career in online publishing for the public service professional and developed the ‘Wired-Gov’ service for the better digital repackaging and redistribution of central government press releases before founding a small business to government consultancy which among other services helped pioneer the first UK public sector reverse auction.



In this truly inspirational episode we will discuss Jonathan’s 

  • Early life and education 
  • First Job 
  • Entry and Experience in Online Publishing
  • Entrepreneur journey with Municipal Journal
  • Localis career – Community value charter, Locally led economic development, Neo localism 
  • Key achievements 
  • 3 things not many people know about him 
  • First reaction hearing Covid19 lockdown and subsequent approach
  • Adaptation to new normal 
  • Advice to people wanting to pursue leadership career 
  • One thing he wish he had known early in his career
  • One kind or thoughtful thing someone did to him
  • Kindest person he knows
  • Best piece of advice he has received
  • Biggest lesson life has taught him

Few random questions

  • As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?
  • What trait do you like the most about yourself?
  • What was the best year of your life? Why?
  • When you are having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
  • Share one funniest, one silliest and one wackiest status you have put up on a social networking site. 
  • What random stranger has had the biggest impact on your life? 
  • What’s something you’ve tried, that you’ll never, ever try again?
  • What would you do if you were the last person on this earth?

Key Nuggets

  • My father is a civil servant
  • I should be an historian
  • Online publishing in the dot com era
  • I believe in the power of conviction  – If you think something it can be done
  • Be sincere with life
  • People become the view point of the institution
  • We need greater respect between local leaders and central leaders
  • If we resolve the personal we can shift the organisational
  • Good suppliers value good relationships
  • Services are delivered for people
  • Public service is something done to you
  • Let commissioners of public service make the best decisions
  • Understand complexity and manage complexity
  • Resolve personality
  • Local self sufficiency will be important post covid19 world
  • We saw a centralised approach to manage the crisis
  • Not using local government for track and trace is a lost opportunity
  • Sometime perseverance is victory sometime not being defeated is victory 
  • Eating is a communal or shared gesture
  • I expect my children to say I am a listening dad and interesting dad
  • You must always have debt of gratitude to your parents
  • Advice is very good if its short
  • Do yourself some justice
  • Essentially local government works on the dark
  • Be more sincere
  • Cartels are bad regardless they are local, regional or national
  • Best years are always to come
  • All problems are based on interpersonal relationships

Listen in to know about Kindest – Passionate Localism Thought Leader, Jonathan Werran

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