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Baachu Inner Circle

What is the Baachu Inner Circle?

We want to create an elite community by bringing together professionals in the outsourcing industry across the globe to learn from each other, get access to strategy reviews, market insights, best practices, information on upcoming training events, useful bidding downloadable templates and tools, live webinars, and much more.

As a bidding professional, you won’t be alone anymore. You will have the support of Baachu community to assist you in winning your bids and achieving success.

Baachu inner circle will be the first step towards our vision in building our market place to help businesses engage with their users, customers and community.

We also have exciting challenges lined up for the elite bid managers to show case your talent to the betterment of the society.

We are in the process of designing our inner circle by bringing in exciting content for you. It will be a collaborative initiative involving our members. Simply said, our Inner Circle will consist of the following:

  • 1-hour webinar once a month (1st Tuesday of each month) – access to ADVANCED growth strategies and learning followed by Q & A. You can submit your question beforehand if you can’t make it to make sure that your question will be answered
  • Every session is recorded and accessible to you.
  • Online member’s area – with all the updates and worksheets for each inner circle session.
  • ‘Inner circle only’ online discussion forum for members.
  • Facebook group
  • Bonus video sessions

Inner circle excludes our Buddy mentoring programme focussing on achieving your career goals.The first session is at an introductory cost of £9.99 to gauge if this is for you. Once you are assured of its benefits, you can continue at a monthly subscription fee of £30

Watch this space for more information on the Inner Circle Feb 2017.

Please email us at to learn more.