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The average age of people in England who have a stroke for the first time has fallen over the past decade, new figures show. It dropped from 71 to 68 for men and 75 to 73 for women between 2007 and 2016, Public Health England data shows. Over the same period, the proportion of first-time strokes suffered by 40 to 69-year-olds rose from 33% to 38%. PHE said the data showed strokes do not just affect the elderly and urged more people to be aware of the symptoms.

It said the drop in the average age of first strokes was because of a fall in the proportion of strokes suffered by over-70s. This appeared to be due to better healthcare for the elderly, including health checks, that are helping them to monitor stroke risk factors, PHE said.

The Act FAST campaign is calling on people to phone 999 if they spot any signs of the condition in the face, arms or in speech to reduce the risk of disability or death caused by delayed treatment.



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