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How to build a great brand?

Say my name - Ep 2: We discuss­ed about what constitutes a brand and various definitions in our last week’s Say my name. Read it HERE.   Since we have established what a brand in business is all about, lets dive into the steps to create a brand that speaks for itself. 1.       Make a [...]

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The Job of saving Apple!

We discuss­ed about what a strategy is and what it’s not in our last week’s strategy 101. Read it HERE. We discussed the process of creating a strategy as a 3-step exercise: 1.    Diagnosis 2.    Setting up guiding principle 3.    Concerted action You’ve probably read about how Steve Jobs saved Apple from imminent death, but [...]

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Why Micromanaging maybe killing your Organisation:

  No one likes to be micromanaged. Period. Most employees dread micromanagement, yet, often without our knowledge we all tend to micromanage especially in start-up environment where the company is very dear to  the founders. “micromanagement is a management style whereby a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees” Here are the [...]

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SAY MY NAME – What is a brand?

Say my name is a new series from Baachu which aims to act as a step by step guide for successful branding. Ep 1: Of all the words we use, Brand is often overlooked and constantly evolving. The way brand behaves has changed drastically with the socio-economic and political systems over the time.   The first [...]

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