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Brexit Development Update 15th November 2019

Brexit – promises to keep All leading parties have started rolling out election campaign strategies to woo voters As Britain readies for general elections, political strategists from all leading parties have started alluring voters with promises, most of which are advocating an unabashed increase in public spending. Headed by Jeremey Corbyn, the Labour party is …

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Brexit and Political Developments 08-11-19

Brexit – The PM readies for the home front Winning the election is the top priority before any version of Brexit sees the light of the day On December 12, UK would have its third general election in five years and Brexit will undoubtedly be the defining feature. The latest opinion polls put the …

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Business Writing Tips

Writing emails, contracts or proposals are a significant part of the daily business. Poor writing can have negative effects. It can ruin relationships and increase the chance of rejection or losing contracts. Improving your writing skills can vastly improve your business. It can save time, build trust and even help you communicate your message with greater impact. Given below are some tips on how you can improve your business writing skills.

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