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Steps to adopt a Behavioral Strategy

The human mind has a tendency to be subconsciously biased and holds certain preconceived opinions that will definitely impact our strategic decision making. It is imperative to learn to override this to bring about a positive change in our corporate performance. Behavioral economics has now become mainstream and behavioural principles play an important role nowadays [...]

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Bringing Humour into the Workplace

Humour is one of the keys to success. It is important for career advancement and improves work ethic within the workplace. Research shows that laughter can relieve boredom and stress, increase engagement with others, and boost creativity and collaboration. Physically, laughter increases the consumption of oxygen rich air, which allows the brain to release a [...]

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Happy employee = Happy customers

A study conducted by McKinsey and Egon Zehnder analysed the relationship between managerial quality and revenue growth and found that customer impact, which is the capacity to grasp the evolving needs of customers, led all leadership competencies. The degree of customer impact also had a huge impact on the company’s revenue growth and the efficiency [...]

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How strong is your proposal process?

  How strong is your proposal process? A robust process answers the most important questions in a proposal lifecycle, starting from the readiness to bid followed by the steps that need to follow. Of this, the readiness to bid ensures that you are well prepared and answers a specific set of questions.Who should do what? [...]

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Key factor in customer buying

While there are several factors that influence customer buying, research shows that “Sales Experience” is critical to get customers on the right side of your fence! The sales field however has become more erratic and peppered with multiple influences and options, such as digitisation, which makes realising the value of rep experience become a lot [...]

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Why is sales management important?

Sales management can get tough at times, However, it is important for two reasons: For appraising the performance of the organization To meet the increasing competition Some clients  take advantage of a sales conversation - free advice, leverage for a better deal elsewhere and demand concessions. Result?…. They put you off, never arrive at a [...]

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When Business Development and Marketing are in sync

Business development and marketing are two distinct entities that go hand-in-hand. Both have a common goal: BUSINESS GROWTH. When synchronized, an organization sees an increase in visibility, growth, profitability, expansion and more. For this to occur, each team must collaborate to understand & support one another. How different are they from each other? Business Development – Responsible for forming [...]

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Get your client value, what you value!

Sales management can get tough at times, to pursue that client to buy your business might be the most difficult task for you. But one needs to understand that people get skeptical more often than not. This happens as there is lack of trust and honesty. The client often intrinsically takes advantage of a sales [...]

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Phrases to avoid during proposal writing

From a couple of weeks now, we have explored the importance of proposal writing. We often focus on what should be done, but what should NOT be done is of equal importance. Let’s explore the don’ts while writing proposals, Don’t use the phrase ‘We understand’ Instead of telling the client you understand them, it is [...]

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A management plan is a blueprint which specifies the way an organization is run, both day-to-day and over the long term. It is an integral part of an organization allowing one to formalize its structure and operations. Alongside, it ensures that everyone working are on the same page which helps to accomplish goals. Meanwhile, the content of [...]

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