Are you a Facilities Maintenance Provider – CCS Framework Article


I always wonder why FM companies always fall into the cash trap.  Most local businesses want quick wins. So, they use social media to amplify their brand and get attention. Nothing wrong with that. But if that is all you are investing in to attract private clients, your vision is short sighted.

Big companies tender to pre-qualify for the larger public sector frameworks but then stay away from the smaller call off projects.  What is often forgotten is the long game!  How can we address this gap?

Do you know that ‘Next Generation CCS Framework’ is coming up soon?  Yes, there are concerns with the current CCS FM framework – bias or discrimination towards SMEs, skill shortages, living wage, lowest price burden etc.

Here is the positive news. We attended a meeting with CCS last week. CCS team recognises that there are concerns, but they assured us that ‘Next generation CCS framework’ will address all the above concerns and more. So, regardless of your business size and regional presence, if you are looking to support public sector clients (schools, NHS, central gov. bodies, local gov, museums and more), bidding for CCS Next generation framework is a must (could be the only way!!)

To get you started, please find some quick information below. Next generation CCS Framework is split into 2 Phases

Phase 1 Phase 2
Service Bundled FM services

  • Defence specific – 8 suppliers to be selected
  • National FM–market: £8bn – £11bn – including defence specific – 25 suppliers to be selected
  • Localised FM-market: 125 suppliers to be selected

  • Integrated services – £25m – £75m – 5 suppliers to be selected
  • Security services – £0bn – £1bn – 10 suppliers to be selected
  • Linen and Laundry – £40m – £50m – 10 suppliers to be selected
  • Catering services – up to £250m – 20 suppliers to be selected


  • OJEU will be released in November 2017
  • Awards in April 2018
  • Phased roll out for 1 year
  • OJEU will be released in March 2018
  • Awards in Aug 2018
  • Immediate roll out


Key points

  • CCS Crown market place platform will be used
  • Introduction of TUPE premium!

Next steps

  • Get in touch with CCS –
  • If you are a hard or soft services provider, this is the right time to look for partners as Phase 1 services will be bundled
  • If you are a key supplier, this is the time to collect information on your “innovation” and “social value”, as both will be priced! Social value evaluation will be based on balanced score card method.


Please contact us for further information on the next generation CCS framework, how we can help you to find the right lot, right partner associations and to help position you for the framework.

If you are a key supplier looking to demonstrate “social values” and “innovation”, please get in touch with us.

FM @ Baachu

Be assured you are in the safe hands. We have experience in supporting local, national and international FM companies. Baachu team have completed 20+ projects in the FM market from detailed FM market assessments, key player analysis, public and private sector 2014 -2020 FM pipeline, competitive analysis, partner assessments, commercial and pricing support, bid strategy support, mobilisation support, operational review, workforce analysis, FM innovation incubators and more.

We are also a finalist for the Merton Business Awards and Croydon Excellence awards Business category.

We will be glad to support your entry into the CCS framework and the much larger strategic planning and business winning initiatives.

CCS FM Marketplace feedback event webinar was held on 13th July 2017. Make sure you have not missed anything. Register here to get the Next generation FM framework slides from CCS download link via email.

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