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Monetizing VR content continues to be a tricky challenge for creators and publishers alike. There’s just hardly any rules of thumb to follow as the industry busies itself with building up a track record of trial and error, and while the addressable market of geared-up users continues to grow. Paid content works in some cases, albeit mostly for premium titles, but it’s not pairing so nicely with mobile VR, which in turn struggles to live on in-app purchases or subscriptions.

In fact, the only model that appears to have found its legs is VR advertising, and it’s thanks to the positive feedback loop that the major players in the space — namely, Immersv, OmniVirt, and Vertebrae — have established with advertisers, who are more than convinced at this stage about what 360-degree VR ads in particular are capable of delivering in the form of pre-roll and interstitial placements before and in between the free-to-play content.


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