Month: December 2018

Is it time to do away Performance Evaluations?

Performance Evaluation – Modern Style Illustration with Doodle Elements. Performance Evaluation – Development Concept with Doodle Design Icons Around on the White Wall Background.Performance is the employee’s worth towards an organization depending on what contributions they have made in the duration of their employment. This also includes the wage they are earning and any promotions …

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Sales Pipelining

A sales pipeline is an organized, visual way of tracking multiple potential buyers as they progress through different stages in the purchasing process. When building a sales pipeline from scratch, there are three prerequisites to be kept in mind: A product worth buying This is the most important prerequisite in any sales professional’s agenda. No …

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What Exactly Is A Digital Strategy?

In a technologically driven world it is highly impossible to stay away from any form of digitalization. Business organizations have keyed into this transformation which ultimately led to the birth of digital marketing. This shift in focus from traditional to digital has been a great and profitable. According to Digital Strategy Conference (DSC), “Digital strategy …

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Meeting Mayhem – How to Find the Right Balance

Meetings are essential for enabling collaboration, creativity, and innovation. They often foster relationships and ensure proper information exchange. They provide real benefits. This is what meetings are actually supposed to mean. But in reality, most employees define meetings to be painfully exhausting and arduous. Such opinions are supported by research showing that meetings have increased …

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Steps to adopt a Behavioral Strategy

The human mind has a tendency to be subconsciously biased and holds certain preconceived opinions that will definitely impact our strategic decision making. It is imperative to learn to override this to bring about a positive change in our corporate performance. Behavioral economics has now become mainstream and behavioural principles play an important role nowadays …

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Bringing Humour into the Workplace

Humour is one of the keys to success. It is important for career advancement and improves work ethic within the workplace. Research shows that laughter can relieve boredom and stress, increase engagement with others, and boost creativity and collaboration. Physically, laughter increases the consumption of oxygen rich air, which allows the brain to release a …

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Happy employee = Happy customers

A study conducted by McKinsey and Egon Zehnder analysed the relationship between managerial quality and revenue growth and found that customer impact, which is the capacity to grasp the evolving needs of customers, led all leadership competencies. The degree of customer impact also had a huge impact on the company’s revenue growth and the efficiency …

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